O'Brays Equine Services

O'Brays Equine Services

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Services we provide:

Boarding - we have horses stay with us anywhere from over night to years.  

Breeding - If it's AI services or breeding your mare we are equipped to take care of any of your breeding needs. 

Foaling out - All breeds of mares.  We offer 24 hour camera monitoring and foal alerts for your mares. 

Layups and post-operative care are offered.

We are an approved quarantine facility - Quarantine facilities are necessary to ensure that diseases exotic to this country are not introduced from other countries. These facilities are the first line of defense to protect horses in Canada.

We happily choose Energy Equine for all of our breeding and veterinarian needs.

Because every circumstance is different please call for rates. 

We do not have an arena at our facility.